Towne Lyne Motel

Known Name(s)

Towne Lyne Motel


Rte. 202 Crompond Rd. Peekskill, NY (Primary) (1963, 1964, 1966)
2381 Crompond Rd Cortlandt, NY 10567 (Modern Address)

Establishment Type(s)


Physical Status



The motel is a multi-building complex with the main building, which includes the motel office, in the center. The main building is two stories with wood shingle siding painted light brown. It appears domestic in scale and form. The other two buildings are both two-story, although one is banked into a hillside so it appears as only one story on the south elevation. Both have exterior corridors for access to individual rooms. One building is clad in white vinyl siding while the other has a mixture of vertical board siding and stucco.

Detailed History

After consulting newspaper and postcard archives, NY deed maps, census records, and other sources no realiable historical information was found for this establishment. Further research may provide a clearer picture and updates are welcome.

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