Upton Restaurant on Edmondson Avenue West Baltimore

Looking southwest at north facade and east elevation

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Known Name(s)

Upton Restaurant


Corner of Monroe & Edmondson Streets Baltimore, Maryland

Establishment Type(s)


Physical Status



The building standing at 1901 Edmondson Avenue in the southwest quadrant of the intersection is a late 19th century 3-story rowhouse with two floors for residential occupation.  The restaurant is in the ground floor commercial space, and it has a canted entrance facing the intersection.   The building is of brick that has been painted but the ground floor north facade has been altered by the application of formstone that is now painted.  The two fixed pane windows have been boarded over.  

Detailed History

Although consistently listed as the "Upton Restaurant" in each Green Book, the 1960 Baltimore C&P Telephone Directory has the business at 1901 Edmondson Street at the Monroe Street intersection listed as the "Brown's Uptown Restaurant & Cafe" which was owned by Walter C. Brown, and it seems likely that this is the business that was included in the Green Book. It remains in business as Dot Neal's Uptowne Bar selling liquor. The White Coffee Pot Cafe was across Edmondson Avenue at 1900.  The neighborhood along Pennsylvania Avenue is called Upton, so perhaps the name stuck when someone included the restaurant in the Green Book.

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