Wickie Wackie Club

August 15, 1963 advertisement for Wickie Wackie Club in the Kingston Daily Freeman

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A mention of the Wickie Wackie Club in an article in the Independent and Times in New Paltz, NY on November 23, 1962.

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Known Name(s)

Wickie Wackie Club


High Falls, NY

Establishment Type(s)

Motel, Country Club

Physical Status


Detailed History

The Kingston Daily Freeman ran an advertisement on August 15, 1963 that promoted the Wickie Wackie Club as a country club and motel on Clove Road Route 213 in High Falls, NY. The advertisement noted that dinners were served there. Travelers could find the Wickie Wackie Club by going through Rosendale, on Route 213, taking a left at the candy store, and heading 4 miles.
Sven Hartmann’s New York Times obituary from February 13, 2022, reported that Hartmann had acquired the Wickie Wackie Club property in 1976. The obituary described the site as a rustic property in the Hudson Valley. The obituary also stated that the Wickie Wackie Club was a rustic night club in a barn that welcomed Black Americans in the 1950s and 1960s. Hartmann is listed in the obituary as having saved the historic barn.
The Independent and Times reported on November 23, 1962 that Pete Regasu had killed a thirteen-point buck in the back of the Wickie Wackie Club.

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