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Public Square Watertown, NY

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The Hotel Woodruff was a large five-story, brick hotel that once stood on Watertown’s Public Square. The Victorian structure was built in 1851. The Woodruff House was greatly expanded when it was remodeled in the 1920s. The new addition brought the hotel from its original total of 80 rooms to 210 rooms.


Detailed History

The Hotel Woodruff was commissioned by Norris Woodruff. It was constructed after a fire in May of 1849. Like many buildings on the Public Square, the Hotel Woodruff was designed by Otis L. Wheelock, who later relocated from Watertown to Chicago. The hotel was advantageously located adjacent to Watertown's train station. The Woodruff was demolished in 1976 as part of Watertown's urban renewal plan.

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