Known Name(s)



515 N. 7th St. Richmond, VA

Establishment Type(s)


Physical Status



The 1952 Sanborn Map shows the Phyllis Wheatley Branch YWCA sprawling complex at 515 N. 7th Street. It is composed of three interconnected brick buildings. The southernmost building is three story with a mansard roof. It has a narrow two-story rear/east frame addition. A two-story brick hyphen connects the three-story building to a two-story building to the north. The hyphen and two-story building both have wood cornices. A small two-story frame hyphen connects that northern building with another two-story building to the east. The easternmost building has a small, two-story frame addition on a portion of its south elevation. All roofing is non-combustible, i.e. slate or metal.

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