Volume 3



An Answere vnto Sir Thomas Mores Dialoge (edited by Anne M. O'Donnell and Jared Wicks)

William Tyndale, An answere vnto sir Thomas Mores dialoge (1531), title page.

Folger Library Shelfmark: STC 24437 Bd.w. STC 24465. Used by permission of the Folger Shakespeare Library under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.


An answere vnto Sir Thomas Mores Dialoge is the first volume in the Independent Works of William Tyndale to reach completion. Sir Thomas More, Lord Chancellor to King Henry VIII, received permission to read books by early Protestant reformers in order to refute them. First published in 1529, More's Dialogue concerning Heresies responds substantially to Tyndale's work. In his rejoinder to More, An answere vnto Sir Thomas Mores Dialoge (1531), Tyndale defends his own theology as well as the controversial language of some of his translations. A further reply from More, The confutation of Tyndale's answer (1532-33), reaffirms More's positions. 

The page layout of Volume 3 corresponds to the 1531 Antwerp edition, but in all other respects this edition has been digitized from An Answere vnto Sir Thomas Mores Dialoge (Washington, D.C.: The Catholic University of America Press, 2000), edited by Anne M. O'Donnell and Jared Wicks. Commentary notes are formulated according to their appearance in that volume. In some instances they span more than a single page of the 1531 edition. They are placed here following the occurrence of the final word in the text which corresponds to each respective note. When they refer to page numbers within Answere (2000), signature references to 1531 are supplied in square brackets, along with a short quotation of the relevant Tyndale text. Commentary notes contain references to works listed in the bibliography, or which will be listed shortly. Factual errors in commentary notes have been silently corrected. The scripture index in the 2000 edition (pp. 473-81) has been transferred to this edition; it includes references which pertain both to Tyndale's text and to the commentary notes. Scripture references not included in Answere (2000) are supplied using square brackets. The formatting of the 2000 edition's commentary notes and scripture index occasionally create redundancies when transferred to the digital form. Final revisions are ongoing. Feedback on this webpage is welcome and should be sent to tyndaleworks@jmu.edu.