Volume 6



Biblical Prefaces, Prologues, and Accompanying Material (edited by Thomas Fulton)

"Willyam Tindale / yet once more to the christen reader," from The newe Testament, / dylygently corrected and compared with the Greke by Willyam Tindale (1534), sig. ** iiiir, HM 139387

The Huntington Library, San Marino, California.


This volume will contain the prefaces, introductory, and other explanatory materials that accompany printed editions of Tyndale’s biblical translations. These texts are of paramount interest as they provide insight into Tyndale’s translation method, exegesis, theology, and spirituality; his advocacy for the availability of the Bible in the vernacular language of unlearned readers; his thinking on how to read and interpret the scriptural text; his explanations of key biblical terms; and his linguistic reflections on the biblical languages. Specific texts to be included are The Prologue (1526 Cologne New Testament fragment), W.T. to the Reader (Pentateuch, 1530), A prologe shewinge the vse of scripture (Pentateuch 1530), A prologe in the Seconde boke of Moses (Pentateuch, 1530), A table expoundinge certeyne words (Pentateuch 1530), Willyam Tindale / yet once more to the christen reader (New Testament 1534), and These thinges haue I added to fill vp the leffe with all (New Testament, 1534). These biblical prefaces also contain crucial biographical and bibliographical information about Tyndale’s life, the controversies in which he involved himself, and the history of printing the English Bible.