Rosa Brock

Rosa Brock (maiden name: Carruth or Anton) was born into slavery around 1841 in Morganza, Louisiana. She married Robert Brock on December 1, 1870, in St. Helena Parish. They had six children together: Jacob, born March 16, 1871; John Henry, born February 11, 1872; Mary Eliza, born August 19, 1873; Moses, born July 15, 1874; Rosetta, born June 10, 1875; and Orville, born May 18, 1876. After Robert died in Plaquemine, Louisiana, on April 30, 1906, due to complications with heart disease, Rosa began receiving a widow's pension. The governmend increased the pension to $12 a month by 1908. Rosa Brock passed away on October 11, 1914, in Plaquemine.


Pension Testimony of Rosa Brock

Name:Brock, Rosa
Alternative names:
  • Carruth, Rosa (alternative name)
  • Anton, Rosa (alternative name)
  • Spouse
Branch of service:
Residence at enlistment:
Rank In:
Rank Out:
Highest rank achieved:
Person 1Person 2NumberRelation Type
Brock, RobertBrock, Rosa853439application-widow
Brock, RobertBrock, Rosa657537certificate-widow
Birth date:1841
Birth date certainty:About
Birth place:Morganza, LA
Death date:1914-10-11
Death place:Plaquemine, LA
Causes of death:
Person 1Relation TypePerson 2
Brock, Rosaparent ofBrock, Jacob
Brock, Rosaparent ofBrock, John Henry
Brock, Rosaparent ofBrock, Mary Eliza
Brock, Rosaparent ofBrock, Moses
Brock, Rosaparent ofBrock, Rosetta
Brock, Rosaparent ofBrock, Orville
Brock, Rosawife ofBrock, Robert
Carruth, Alexander W.owner ofBrock, Rosa

Pension Records for Robert Brock, RG15, National Archives and Records Administration, Washington, D.C.