Alexander Caine Pension, Naval Medical Log
December 2, 1902

The Surgeon General of the Navy wrote to the Commissioner of Pensions with Alexander Caine's medical history in the service.

Washington, D.C.
Dec. 2, 1902.


            In reply to your communication of 22nd ultimo, relative to the disability of Alexander Caine, Rate Lands., U. S. Navy, you are informed that the records of this Bureau show as follows, viz: 

“St. LOUIS”:—

Admitted, Jan. 25, 1863.      Diarrhoea. Origin not stated. Discharged, Jan. 27, 1863, to duty. 

Admitted, March 24, 1863. Gonorrhoea. Origin not in line of duty; venereal. Discharged, April 2, 1863, to duty. 

Admitted, Aug. 19, 1863. Vulnus incisum. Medical Journal states:— “Cut one and one half inches in length over left frontal protuberance, denuding bone, occasioned by blow inflicted by one of the crew”.

Discharged, Aug. 20, 1863, to duty. 

There are no Medical Journals of the “Ticonderoga” covering period of service, on file.

Very respectfully, 

P. M. Rixey
Surgeon General U.S. Navy



Pension Records for Alexander Caine, RG15, National Archives and Records Administration, Washington, D.C.