Testimony of Alexander Andrews
October 15, 1897

Alexander Andrews gave the details of his marriage to Lizzie Andrews as part of his pension testimony.

Vicksburg miss.
Oct 15, 1897

in the matter of the application for Invalid, pension of Alexander Andrews, Corporl Company. A 5 Regement U.S.C.H.A.

To the Hon. Commissioner, of. Pensin

Washington D.C.

Sir I am glade. To Know your Ruling. of the pension Bureau [a.?] Dept has give me full sattisfaction. An I like its Regalation Verry much

question — 

No 1                         I am. A Married man — my wifes full name is. Lizzie Andrews.

No 2    WE Was married about, 3 years before the war & by our owner Rev Dr Anderson. in Madison County, Mississippi. on our old owners place is now, living at Maridian, Miss and is in chrge of the M.E. Church. Should you desire To Write him. please Rev Dr Anderson Maridian. Miss. An will Tell you when, WE was married To. each other

No. 3               Record. of Marriage that exists. is that of our owner

No. 4.              That Neither of us hade Been previously married

“ 5                   names of children. an dates of their Birth

            Robert Andrews Borne — March 20th 1870—

            Mary Andrews Born Dec 14th 1874

            Alexander Andrews Borne Nov 16 1876

            Simon Andrews. Borne Nov 14th 1879

            Witness my Signature

                        this 15 day of Oct 1897

Alexander his x mark Andrews

            Claim #971,016 filed for pension Act June – 27.th 1890

            P.O. #219 north Washington


Pension Records for Alexander Andrews, RG15, National Archives and Records Administration, Washington, D.C.