Tribute to Frank Lee, Chicago Defender
June 5, 1915

The Chicago Defender published this tribute to Frank Lee given by Mr. Alexander H. Martin.

* * * Mr. Alexander H. Martin, superintendent of Mt. Zion Congregational Sunday school, delivered an inspiring patriotic address at St. John’s A. M. E. Sunday school last Sunday. He paid a glowing tribute to Mr. Frank Lee, superintendent of St. John’s Sunday school fifteen years ago, the last time he had occasion to address the school. Among many other splendid things he said to the school, they were one and a part of this great United States of America; that there were great possibilities in this great country. He said that we were gaining strength each day to force opportunities into our possession; that we should recognize our sense of responsibility in the deeds of the past. In the suffering and deaths of the present we are being taught the great lesson and pursuits of peace. Alliance after alliance, agreement after agreement, resolution, law and contract don’t bring peace. There is only one way. Righteousness is the only thing that will bring peace. There is no peace unless it brings the sense of might. The Sunday school emphasizes in the simplest manner that peace comes only from doing right. There is nothing new, nothing but the teaching of Christ Himself. Learn from deeds of valor of the men of ’61 and ’65. He said: “It’s up to you and me, boys and girls, to keep the record so clean that no such bloody sacrifice will be needed again. Through our lives and characters, each in his proper place can be a monument to truth.”


Alexander O. Taylor, “Brief News from the Buckeye State: Events in the Social World—Bright, Crisp Items from Cleveland—No News of Interest Is Overlooked by Our Regular Correspondent,” The Chicago Defender, June 5, 1915.