Charles Garland Letters on behalf of his mother's widow's pension
January 17, 1919

Charles Garland wrote letters in order to help his mother obtain a widow's pension.

C. F. Garland


Cleveland, O. 1/17/19

Hon Henry I Emerson
Washington, D.C.       

[in hand of Congressman Emerson: ] Referred to Commissioner of Pension HO. Emerson ML

Dear Sir:- 

As one of your constituents of the 22nd Congressional Dist: of Ohio, I am writing that you will, I hope; make an intercession in a pension matter in behalf of my mother Mrs. Mary E Garland, widow of the late Jas. H. Garland who departed life this Feb 2nd 1918

Facts in the case are, that her application was regularly filed Mch. 15th. 1918,

That the required affidavits were also sent to the Bureau of Pension about 30 days: I judge, later or very soon after the receipt of same acknowledged by the Commissioner of Pensions.

We have a letter from the Dept. under xx date of Oct. 4th ’18 in which it is avered that the affidavits were not signed also that the Notary failed to attach his seal, which if true, has no precedence in my career as a Notary for five or six years, though with the papers in Washington, and I here it seems like folly to deny such a state of affairs, but it does seem a little unfair that a widow of 77 years whose husband served in a revolution no less significant at that time than had been the one just finished; should have her claim receive such xxx prolonged and indiferent attention so may we ask you to have the department to return the affidavits for correction which seems the simplest way to correct the papers. Judge Hadden appointed Mother as guardine of Father in 1906 and should be, in the latter days of her life given her widow’s Pension with some consideration of time, and not drag along.

While I have never attempted to ask for more than a state delegateship I have the hope to be at your service in a special manner when the call comes

Thanking you in advance, for immediate or at your earliest convenient time, for such intercession as will place in mother’s possession, her cirtificate for a pension as a widow regardless of some minor mistake which as a matter of fact might have or can be corrected since there have been but three letters written in her behalf since the application was filed Mch. 15th ’18 that of course was because she received a letter early after her application that she be patient oweing to the conditions and patience should now be rewarded. 

                                                I am Very sincerely, Your’s as heretofore

            C. F. Garland
P.O. Box 4
Cleveland, O.



C. F. Garland


CLEVELAND, O.  May 31st ‘19

Mr. Henry I Emerson
House of Representatives
Washington, D.C.                                                                                                               

[in hand of Congressman Emerson:]  Kindly Assist  H.O. Emerson M,I

Dear Mr. Emerson:- 

Please find inclosed true copies of affidavits as mailed to you about a week ago both of which with mother’s affidavit establishes her widowhood (legal) of our departed father Jas. H. Garland.

They require her to establish a legal widowhood which she has now done by affidavits (excluding those of Florence Taylor & A.C. Trimbles)    Namely --, by those of Crosby Richards Mercer Penn. And his Bro Louvern of Franklin Penn. both of these and affiants and our people have lived in same and neighboring counties for upwards of 60 years and we have filled the requirements of the law as passed for the benefits of widows at the rate of $25.00 Per Mo.

And I earnestly ask you to see that mother gets her pension with out any further delay as she has been very patient and there are no reasonable grounds for those people worrying her any longer.

Mr Emerson I was afflicted with a very bad cold 30th, 31st, and today which delayed me in some work which I wanted to take up with you b[u]t at any rate, as when I left you, it is my earnest wish to be of some service to you for your very kind interest shown in my mother who is up in the 70’s.

Trusting that we may have speedy results , since xxx having been patient as they requested of us over 14 months ago I am as heretofore Very sincerely and humbly Your’s

                                                                                    C.F. Garland
P.O. Box 4 Cleveland O.



C. F. Garland


CLEVELAND, O.  6/15/’19

Hon. H. I. Emerson
House of Representatives
Washington, D.C.                              

Dear Mr. Emerson:- 

I keenly feel the weight of our interest which we are imposing upon you Re. Mother’s pension, but having entered the battle, or, having resolved to carry the matter to a successful end; it seems next to a bit of folly to countenance a retreat, because of several very logical reasons.

First, we have established to the satisfaction of any reasonable Pension commissioner, that mother has established her legal widowhood of Jas. H. Garland (father) which is all that the Act under which she applies asks for or requires, by exhibiting to you a historical record of mother’s marriage to father in ’64 (June 21st) and good and substantial affidavits by two affiants and freeholders of Penn. in whose father’s house the marriage ceremony was performed who knew both father & mother before their marriage several years dating back to ’61 and as matter of fact, father landed at Crosby Richard’s father house when first coming from Va. and who with his Bro. (Louvern Richard the other affiant) knows well from constant association that neither father nor mother were never married before ’64 and not only never divorced but never thought of or sought divorce and have lived together till father’s death Feb. 2, 1918. I moved father & mother here Oct. 1904 to Blaine Ave this city and have lived on this street every day since, and amm sending two affidavits with this letter to show them to have lived here together always as man and wife till the date of his death and amm yet living here at 8812 Blaine ave, so you may readily see Mr Emerson that every bit of the required evidence and facts in the case have been obtained and respectively submitted to the Dept. which, as a matter of course we admit to be a due & regular course, but, having waited, as Per their request for over a year because of turbulent condition of matters in general, it appears that xxxx they should render decissions according to evidence submited (which has been met to the most intricate angle) and not seek refuge in a line of arbitrary argument which is nothing short of being the Southern every day impunity which Republicans in the North have sacrificed too many ounces of gray matter in trying to surmount.

Well Mr Emerson, you will note that their last letter which I am inclosing that they ask for Marriage cirtificate, but in one of their letters they say that if for any reason, it can not be found, that the affidavits of two creditable witnesses will suffice which has been submited, and I would like to know who in this world can find old marriage cirtificates or anything else, of 50 years age as a rule, except public records, and I learn from Penn. court officials that prior to the early 80’s court licenses were not required hence no duplicate record can be obtained, but, our family have been well known in Mercer Co Pa. for Yrs. where we lived till I moved the parents here in 1904 because of their age and father having served as constable for several years and two terms as councilman.

How do you like the link up for our next council Mr. Emerson.

As I said in my last letter Mr. Emerson I can and shall serv you well in what ever you feel that you may trust with me to do on and in the colored camp when you feel that some part of our local machinery (political) which I can reach is subservient to your cause and the party in general.

Well Mr Emerson I feel a little chigrined at writing long letters to you on the matter in hand, but when one is pleading at the Bar for justice you know he feels like talking. 

I am as heretofore (faithfully) C.F. Garland.

Tell those fellows that they must send at once a pension certificat for mother & a check for 25.00 Per mo. dating from Mch. 15th ’18 to June 15th with $58 due on father’s certificate as he drawed last Dec?15 ’17 & died Feb. 2 making a total of $433. due up to 15th Inst.

PS I should have these letters written at office but I write sundry as a rule & not being so much of a typist you will not I hope, pay so much attention to the way they are written 


Pension Records for James H. Garland, RG15, National Archives and Records Administration, Washington, D.C.