Pension Application and Testimony of Frances W. Evans, Mother of William Evans
January 30, 1868

William Evans's mother, Frances, gave testimony about the family's history in her application for a pension following her son's death.

District of Columbia}
City and County of Washington} SS

Frances W. Evans Mother of William Evans late Co E. 5th Ohio Colour Vols. being duly Sworn deposes and Says

That her residence was in Charlottesville Va, before the rebellion. That her son William was born on the 9th of August 1847.

            That her mother emigrated to Ohio, and that in 1855, or when he was about 8 years of age, She Sent her Son William to live with his grandmother. That he lived with his grandmother in Ohio until about the 15th of June 1863, when he enlisted as above, and that he remained in the Service until he was killed at the battle of Deep Bottom.

            That she never heard from her son after the rebellion broke out, that it was impossible for her to get any news from her mother, or son, and thefore could not get any support from him. That she had no property, and had to live by her labour.

           That her husband went to California in 1852, to get a home for his family. That after he had been there about six months, to Witt, in October 1852 he died there, as she was told by letters written to others and she [truly?] bileves he did die there as she has never heard from him since, and she thinks, he would have returned if alive, she further says, that when her son enlisted he was Only about 16 years of age_and She is confident from what her mother has written her, that her son never was married, and left no children That she has no means of Support except her labour and further this deponent Saith not

Frances W her x mark Evans

Thos. J. [Meyers?]                                                          

R J Borden

Sworn to and Subscribed before me a Notary Public this 30th day of January 1868

                        Thos. J. [Meyers?]

                        Notary Public


Pension Records for William Evans, RG15, National Archives and Records Administration, Washington, D.C.