Marilda Jones

William and Marilda Jones were owned by Newton Craig of Scott County, Kentucky. The two had at least four children together, one daughter and three sons who served in the Union army like their father. Both William and Marilda ran away from their master on March 11, 1865 and were subsequently arrested by a nightwatchman named James Cannon the next day. Instead of being allowed to visit their daughter and proceed to Camp Nelson to enlist, Cannon took all of their money and sent them back by armed guard to their master. William and Marilda escaped once again but it is unknown whether they were ever compensated for the money taken from them by Cannon. William eventually deserted from the Union army in late April, and no details of his or Marilda's post-war lives have been found.

Name:Jones, Marilda
Alternative names:
Branch of service:
Residence at enlistment:
Rank In:
Rank Out:
Highest rank achieved:
Birth date:
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Death date:
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Person 1Relation TypePerson 2
Craig, Newtonowner ofJones, Marilda
Jones, Marildawife ofJones, William

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