Pension Questionnaire for Alexander Caine
October 28, 1902

While applying for his pension, Alexander Caine had to complete this questionnaire revealing details about his life before the war, his service in the navy, and his occupation and residence after he left the service.


Department of the Interior,
Washington, D.C., Oct. 25, 1902

Orig No. 48.468
Alexander Caine
Co. __, NAVY

            Sir: To aid this Bureau in preventing any one falsely personating you, or otherwise committing fraud in your name, or on account of your service, you are required to answer fully the questions enumerated below.

You will please return this circular under cover of the inclosed envelope which requires no postage.

Very respectfully,

J.  [C?]. Davenport

Mr. Alexander Caine
1089 Lombard St
Philadelphia, Pa                                                         

  1. When were your born? Answer. Born April 1, 1841. Charlottesville Va
  2. Where were you born? Answer. Charlottesville Va
  3. When did you enlist? Answer. Jan 28, 1862 and Oct 31, 1865
  4. Where did you enlist? Answer. At Philadelphia, Pa both Enlistments
  5. Where had you lived before you enlisted? Answer. Philadelphia Pa
  6. What was your post-office address at enlistment? Answer. Philadelphia Pa
  7. What was your occupation at enlistment? Answer. Barber
  8. When were you discharged? Answer. Feb 15, 1865 and Nov. 14, 1868
  9. Where were you discharged? Answer. Philadelphia, last service New York
  10. Where have you lived since discharge? Give dates, as nearly as possible, of any changes of residence. Have lived in Philadelphia Pa since discharge
  11. What is your present occupation? Answer. Barber
  12. What is your height? Answer. 5 feet 4 inches. Your weight? 170. The color of your eyes? Gray. The color of your hair? Dark Brown. Your complexion? Negro. Are there any permanent marks or scars on your person? If so, describe them. Sear from result of burn on left side.
  13. What is your full name? Please write it on the line below, in ink, in the manner in which you are accustomed to sign it, in the presence of two witnesses who can write.

Edwin H. Jones

                                               Date: Alexander Caine, 190__


Pension Records for Alexander Caine, RG15, National Archives and Records Administration, Washington, D. C.