Testimony of Martha Cousins on behalf of Mary J. Reed
June 13, 1877

Martha Cousins gave testimony on the lives of John and Mary Reed in order to help Mary secure a widow's pension.

[June 13, 1877]

Martha Cousins being sworn says, that she has known the applicant and he husband for near Forty nine year, that said Edmond Reed & May J. Reed the applicant live and cohabited together as man and wife in the State of Virginia and were recognized as man and wife by their masters and all the neighborhood, that said Edmond Reed was owned by John Fowls of Albemarle Co Va, and in 1852 he was set free, affiant says that she was present at the birth of their son John on whose behalf said mother is now making application that he was born about the month of Feb 1843 that she attended his said mother during her said confinement and know that John is the son of said applicant and that he was born in wedlock as above stated, Affiant says that she has heard the affidavit of Henry Harris read, and that she is acquainted with all the statements therein contained, and that she adopts his said affidavit as her own just the same as if written out in full evy word and line, and makes the same part & parcel of that her affidavit, She makes this Statement from her own personal knowledge, and acquaintance with the parties and no relation of theirs, neither has she any intent in the prosecution of this claim. 

Martha her x mark Cousins


Pension Records for John Reed, RG15, National Archives and Records Administration, Washington, D.C.