Testimony of Nancy Douglas, former wife of Manuel Price
March 1, 1888

Nancy Douglas gave detail about her life and that of Manuel Price in order to obtain a widow's pension.



Case of Nancy Price, now Nancy Douglas, No. 118,283

            On this first day of March, 1888, at Louisiana, County of Pike State of Missouri, before me, B. P. McDaniel, a Special Examiner of the Pension Office, personally appeared Nancy Price now Nancy Douglas – (Colered) Clmt, who, being by me first duly sworn to answer truly all interrogatories propounded to her during this Special Examination of aforesaid pension claim, deposes and says: I am about 48 years of age, And My Residence, and Post Office address is Louisiana Mo I am the Clmt in pension Claim No 118,283, as the Widow of Manuel Price a Prvt in Co,,D” 68- U.S.C Troops, and who died at Benton Barrack, St Louis Mo- while he was in the service. I cannot give the Month or year in which Manuel Price Enlisted, nor the date of his death, I do not know anything about the nature of the disease of which he died All that I Know about his death, is what I have been told by Men who were his Comrades

I was born a Slave in Albermarl Co Virginia, and was the property of Capt John Carter now dead Manuel Price was born on the same Plantation and belonged to the same Man. Neither of us were ever owned by any other person. 

Our Master John Carter came from Virginia out here to Pike County Mo about 8 or 10 years before the War Commenced, And brought about 200 of his slaves with him. Manuel Price and I were among that number. My Master has told me that I was in my 14th year when we came to Missouri. We remained the slaves of Mr John Carter, until we were made free by The Emancipation Proclamation. I have lived in Pike County Mo all the time since I came to the State. 

I do not Know how old Manuel Price was when he Enlisted, but I do not think there was much difference in his age and my own.            After Coming to Missouri I was hired out most of the time as a Nurse- and during the Summer and Fall before Manuel Price enlisted I was at Mr Archie Bankheads as a wet Nurse. I had three children of my own at that time and my youngest was six weeks old when I went to Mr Bankheads

I remember that I came home during the Hollidays and Manuel Price and I were Married by Thomas Cobb. A Colered Babtist Preacher who belonged to Mr Carter too. Our Marriage took place between Christmas and New Year. And late in the month of February next after our Marriage, Manuel Carter went into the Army. 

From the time we were married up to the time Manuel went into the Army, he and I lived in a House on Master Carters farm, with a brother of Manuel’s, and a sister to me- who were Man and wife. both of these people are now dead. Our Marriage Ceremony took place on Master Carters farm in the House of Tom Cobb, we always had Meeting there. There were a good Manay of the Colored People that belonged on the Place, present when I was Married. I continued to live on Master Carter’s Place until the Next Summer after Manuel went to the Army, and I was then hired to Stephen May Now of Clarksville Mo I was there until the fall of that year or Early Winter, it was warm weather when I came back home and we Women folks gathered the Corn on Master Carters farm. I was there until after Mr Carter had a Sale about Christmas, after the sale I was hired out to a Man whose name I have forgotten. I was there only about a month, and then I went to Mr James Tichners to live I was there until the following Fall. I next went to Mr. Cummings and lived there the second winter after Manuel Price enlisted, and the next Spring I was Married to William Douglas- by the same Preacher, Tom Cobb- who married Manuel Price and I- we were Married in April or May I cannot say which. There is a Record of that Marriage in Bowling Green Mo, but There is no Record of My Marriage to Manuel Price. Mr Carter always put down the age of all the children born- but kept no record of the Marriage of the Colored People. 

My first husband, Manuel Price was a very Tall Man, about 6 feet high, and was stoutly built- but not fleshy- And his Complexion was what was known as a bright Mulatto I never Knew him to have any beard. I do not remember of ever seeing him shave, his hair was Tolerably straight and long for a Colored Man, I never had any Children by Manuel Price. I had, as I have before stated, Three Children before I married him, and four after I married Douglas George My Youngest child when I was married to Manuel Price, will be 25 years old the first day of May next, William the oldest child by Douglas is 19 or 20 years old

Q Please give me the names of some of those who were present, when you and Manuel Price were married

Ans. Lucy Jackson, Flemmingsburg Mo George Ervin near Prariesville Mo, and Jeff Lewis, Betsy Ann Walker- Dan Dillard Robt Dillard and Mrs Ellen Knight, all, of Louisiana Mo know that I was recognized as the wife of Manuel Price, but the two former only were present at the ceremony

Manuel Price and I neither had ever had been Married previous to our Marriage that I have described 

Q- what was your name before you was Married to Manuel Price-

Ans Nancy Scott. My father was named John Scott. We did not take our names after our Master John Carter 

Yes Sir I understand everything that you have read to me- My answers are given as I have made them

Nancy her x mark Douglas

Witnessed by
Geo. H. Gillum     }
Chas. E. Drake      }

            Sworn to and subscribed before me this 1st day of March 1888, and I certify that the contents were fully made known to deponent before signing. 

                                                                                                            B.P. McDaniel
Special Examiner.


Pension Records for Manuel Price, RG15, National Archives and Records Administration, Washington, D.C.