Medical Records for Wray Wirt Davis

Wray Wirt Davis's medical records give some background of his life and detail the various injuries and illnesses he acquired while serving in the U. S. Army. 




Respectfully returned to the

Commissioner of Pensions,

Wirt Davis

Born in Richmond, Va., age 22 1/12, occupation Clerk, eyes blue, hair fair, complexion fair, height 5 feet, 10 inches; was enlisted May 12, 1860; was assigned to troop K’ 1 Reg’t US. Cav., which in Sept. or Oct. 1861, became troop K, 4 US. Cav., was transferred Dec. 6. 1862, to troop L, 4 US Cav., and was dischrgd. May 6, 1863, by reason of appointment as a 2 Lt. U.S.A, a 1st Sgt.

            Not reported sick on any rolls. 

            He enl. as a single man. Name & address of his next of kin are not shown on enl. paper. 

            The records show that Wirt Davis, born in Va., May 28, 1839 accepted appointment as 2d lieut. 4th Cav. May 5, 1863; promoted 1st lieut. Apr. 2,1865; Captain June 19, 1868; Major 5th Cav. April 15, 1890; Lieut Col. 8th Cav. July 5, 1898; Colonel 3d Cav. June 10, 1900; retired at his own request after 40 yrs. Service, April 29, 1901; advanced to the grade of brigadier general on the retired list Apr 23, 1904; and died Feb. 11, 1914 at Washington, D.C. of chronic Bright’s disease. 

            The address of his widow is supposed to be The Cairo, Washington, D.C. 

The medical records show him treated as follows: Jan. 8 to 14, 62, catarrhus: July 16 & 17, 78, inebriation: May 19 to 25, 79, chron. rheum: Apl. 10 to 12, 80, tert int. fever: Dec. 5, 80 malarial cachexia and nervous depression, left post Dec. 5, 80 for Fort Sill I.T. afterwards granted leave of absence, transferred to Fort Sill, I.T. Feb. 27. 81: Feb. 26 to 28. 81, tert. int. fever: Mch. 1 to Apl. 29. 81, malarial cachexia and nervous depression: Aug. 1 to 25, 83 chr. rheumatism: Dec. 30, 85 to Jan. 7, 86, acute neuralgia of thigh, left, neuralgia due to malarial poisoning, poor food, and the hardships of this and preceeding campaign, in line of duty, cure incomplete (diagnosis also shown as slight atrophy of left thigh): Feb. 10 to May 18, 86, acute neuralgia of left thigh, in line of duty on sick leave of absence since May 18, 86: July 24 to Nov. 12, 86, acute neuralgia left thigh, in line of duty cured: July 12 to 15, 87, tertian intermittent fever, in line of duty, cured: Dec. 29 to 31, 87, acute diarrhoea, in line of duty, cured: Jan. 18 to 21, 92, epidemic influenza, in line of duty, returned to duty, cured. no additional record of disability found. 


Pension records for Wray Wirt Davis, RG15, National Archives and Records Administration, Washington, D.C.