UVA Alumni News Obituary for Charles Irving Wilson
September 17, 1913

This obituary for Charles Irving Wilson was published in the UVA Alumni News and gives detail of Wilson's military service. 

‘57— Brigadier General Charles Irving Wilson, U. S. A., died at his home in New York City on September 22. General Wilson was born in Washington, May 5, 1837. In 1861 he entered the army as an assistant surgeon and was stationed first at Fort Leavenworth, Kan. In December, 1862, he was assigned to duty with the Army of the Potomac and became successively surgeon of the Second Cavalry, surgeon in chief of the Cavalry Reserve Brigade and surgeon in chief of the First Cavalry Division. He was brevetted captain and later major for his services in the medical department. He was honorably discharged when the army was reorganized in 1870 but five years later reentered the army as major in the pay department. He became a lieutenant-colonel in 1898, assistant paymaster general in 1899 and was retired in 1901. The rank of brigadier general was conferred upon him in 1904. 


Obituary for Charles Irving Wilson, University of Virginia Alumni News, September 17, 1913.