Account of Gunfight between Henry T. Dixon and Thomas C. Maddux
November 10, 1865

This article from the Alexandria Gazette gives detail on the gunfight between Henry T. Dixon and Thomas C. Maddux that ultimately resulted in Dixon's death. 




            A rencounter occurred this morning at the intersection of Royal and Cameron streets between Major Henry T. Dixon of Fauquier and Dr. T. Clay Maddux, in which the former was shot and it is thought mortally wounded. The Major was picked up and taken to a room in the City Hotel, and the Dr. immediately repaired to the Magistrates’ Office, where an examination was conducted by Justice Beach.

            Tazwell Grisby sworn:—Was standing talking to Maddux; saw Dixon walk up Cameron street, on north side, from towards Mansion House to Cooney’s corner; had my back to City Hotel; Maddux was facing me, when I saw Dixon crossing the street and said to the Doctor there is Dixon and stepped aside; saw Dixon run his hand in his pocket, and both fired about the same time; Maddux had his back to Dixon as Dixon approached; Maddux and myself were standing on the flagging between the City Hotel and Market House; Dixon fired once; Maddux two shots; Dixon was standing still when he drew his pistol from under his coat; the Doctor drew his pistol as soon as he saw Dixon; Dixon fell and said I’m killed, I walked up to Dixon who said he was a dead man; and I then went for a doctor. Dixon called to see me this morning; during the conversation which ensued between us Dixon said that Maddux was not in the habit of walking the streets as usual; I thought that Dixon was hunting for Maddux.

            Jefferson Elliott sworn—thinks Dixon fired first; was sitting at my window when the firing took place and from the report supposed Dixon fired first; saw Maddox walk up towards Dixon after the shooting, and then walk to the Magistrates Office.

            John Taylor sworn—was standing in front of the Eldorado House; saw Dr. Maddox and Mr. Grigsby standing half way between City Hotel and Market House; saw Dixon walk up Cameron street, from Fairfax; as he passed up he looked over towards Maddux whose back was towards the Market House; had heard of a prior difficulty between Maddux and Dixon; Dixon crossed from the N. E. corner of Royal and Cameron towards the Market House on the flagging and passed out of sight on Royal street behind the corner of the Market House when I heard a shot; I think Dixon fired first from the report; was certain that Dixon was going to attack Maddux; Dixon in walking up the street had several times put his hand under his coat; the Market House kept Dixon out of my sight for a minute; next time I saw him he was lying on the pavement; Maddux was in my sight all the time and I saw him when he fired; Dixon was watching Maddux as he walked up Cameron street and could have gotten out of Maddux’s sight had he chose.

            The following is Major Dixon’s deposition, taken before J. L. Dyson, a Justice of the Peace of this County.

            I am conscious of my situation; my statement is made under the impression that I am near my end; at the time of the shooting I was walking along Royal Street in this city; Dr. Maddox saw me as I was walking along Royal street and shot me before I drew my pistol; I was passing away from him at the time; I shot at him after he shot me; I was in this city because I had business at the War Department and was temporarily stopping here; Dr. Maddox fired at me twice; I had not started to draw my pistol before he shot me; he had fired once before I started to draw my pistol; I carried my pistol on my left side, in my holster; he sought me once before in the Mansion House and spat in my face while I was sitting in a chair without my knowing he was present; I had not seen him prior since 1857; this was about ten days or two weeks ago; not a word was said before he shot me.

            The Dr. was bailed in the sum of $5,000 to appear for examination before the County Court.


“Local News: Recounter,” Alexandria Gazette (Alexandria, Virginia), November 10, 1865.