William M. Fishback to Abraham Lincoln
January 26, 1865

William M. Fishback writes to President Lincoln asking that he readmit Arkansas, Louisiana, and Tennessee into the Union with "their former priviledges."

Washington City — January 26th 1865

Hon A. Lincoln — President. 

            Sir — 

            The most potent argument of those who oppose the readmission to their former privileges in the Union of Arkansas and Louisiana, is that your proclamation of July 17th 1861 declaring these with other States therein named to be in Rebellion against the government of the United States, has never been revoked or modified, but is still in full force —

            To Silence all cavil on this point would not the success of the Federal arms in Arkansas, Louisiana, and Tennessee, coupled with the fact that the rebel governments of these states have been overthrown and that the people of these states have reorganized in each, civil governments loyal to the United States justify you in issuing a counter proclamation declaring these three states no longer in rebellion? We invite your attention to this matter — 

             Very respectfully yours

                                                                                                T M Jacks

                                                                                                J. M. Johnson

                                                                                                W. M. Fishback


William Meade Fishback to Abraham Lincoln, January 26, 1865, Abraham Lincoln Papers, Library of Congress, Washington, D.C.