William H. Gillum Testimony on behalf of Marion Goss
February 8, 1908

William H. Gillum gives testimony in the pension of Marion Goss about Goss's medical history in order to help him secure a pension. 

The State of Indiana    }

County of Parke          } ss

Before me, Ewing Chapman, Clerk of the Parke Circuit Court, a Court of record, in & for said County, on this 8th day of February, 1908. Personally came Wm. H. Gillum, aged 60 years, residence & P.O. address at Rockville, Indiana, who being duly sworn, according to law, states as follows. relative to the claim O. I. No. 1328,335, of Marion Goss, Co “I” 149” Regt. Ind. Vols. (General Lane.) That he has known the said claimant Marion Goss since June 1873. That he and the claimant were both engaged in the practice of medicine during all of the time since 1873 and aided and assisted each other, therefore he had special opportunity to know his condition. During the first half of this period said Goss resided seven miles from himself, but during the latter half of the period mentioned they lived in the same town and that he saw and was with said claimant almost daily. That one year was spent by said claimant in the West (1886) during the period mentioned in Search of health. That he frequently attended continued cases together — That during all of these years he frequently knew the claimant to complain of rheumatism, disease of eyes, diarrhoea, and malarial poisoning, that he frequently attended him professionally for these diseases, said claimant being at times confined to his house or bed for days and even weeks on account of them. That he is still suffering from said diseases and is, at the present time, unable to do anything by reason of there said diseases, that claimant has frequently consulted him with reference to them. That he cannot give specific dates for the reason that he made no charges against said claimant for services, therefore has no record.

            Further, that he has no interest in the prosecution of this claim. 

W.H. Gillum M.D.

Subscribed and sworn to before me — on this 8” day of February, 1908. I hereby certify that said affiant is personally known to me and is respectable, and that the above is in his own handwriting. I have no interest in his claim. 

Ewing Chapman

Clerk of Parke CO. 


Pension Records for Marion Goss, RG15, National Archives and Records Administration, Washington, D.C.