John Fox Hammond Testimony of Health Issues
April 8, 1875

John Fox Hammond gives testimony of his health issues in order to secure a pension. 

Colonel J. F. Hammond, Surgeon, US. Army, having applied for a certificate on which to ground an application for an extension of his leave of absence for the benefit of his health, I certify that I have examined this officer, and agree in the Diagnosis and recommendations of the Medical Officer on whose certificate he obtained the leave; and furthermore, it is my opinion, that in consequence of his condition of health, he is not fit for duty, and will not be for some time to come, I therefore, recommend that his present leave of absence be extended six months, with permission to remain abroad.

Signed Edward Warren, M.D. 

Paris, September 5th, 1883.

I, J.F. Hammond, Colonel and Surgeon, US. Army, finding it necessary to send a certificate to cover absence from my official duties, do, in the absence of any other medical officer of the army, hereby certify, on honor, that I have carefully examined myself, and find that I am in my opinion, suffering from chronic anaemia, a disease of the nature of which is a deficiency, and impaired functions, of the red capusoles of the blood, the effects of which are impaired functions more or less, of all the organs of the system, more obviously, in my case, of the Nervous System, Digestion, and Assimilation, I suffer with Dyspepsia, am emaciated and feeble; from loss of memory and loss of mental concentrativeness, from insomnia, vertigo, constant ringing in the ears, with irregular and abnormal action of the heart and bowels, and with depression of spirits. These conditions were developed during the last year or two of my service at Fort Adams. And that in consequence thereof I am, in my opinion, unfit for duty, and not able to make the voyage across the Atlantic, now — Judging also from the effects of the voyage across in this direction — without endangering my ultimate cure, I further declare my belief that I will not be able to resume my duties in a less period than six months. 

            My health has improved some during the last six weeks, and I believe that there is every prospect of restoration to good health — such as may be expected in one of my age and perfect habits. 

            Original leave. S. O. No. 75. Hd. qrs. of the Army, A.G.O. Washington, April 2, 1883. 

Post Office Address, Care of Messrs Drexel, Harzes & Co. 31. Boulevard, Haussman, Paris, France. 

                                                                                    Signed J. F. Hammond,

Col. and Surgeon, US.A.

Paris, France, 30th September 1883.

I hereby certify on honor that I am suffering from the effects of the warm climate in San Antonio, Texas. My nervous system, generally, is depressed, the function of nutrition is defective, digestion and assimilation imperfect, I have a severe acute catarrh which involves the mucous membrane of the right side of the air passage, from the frontal sinus down into the small bronchial tubes of the right lung; a quotidian malarial fever, not severe but tenacious, the paroxisms commencing about sun down, and more or less fatigue. 

In consequence of which I have been confined to bed during the last three days and probably will continue to be so for some days longer, and am, in my opinion, unfit for duty, unless in case of emergency, and requires rest and medical treatment during the next thirty days. 

                                                                                                Signed J. F. Hammond

                                                                                                                        Surgeon, US. Army.

Poughkeepsie, New York, 

8th April 1875. 


Pension Records for John Fox Hammond, RG15, National Archives and Records Administration, Washington, D.C.