William E. Hopkins Service Record
January 2, 1895

This service record gives a complete list of all changes throughout William E. Hopkins's naval career as well as dates for each event. 


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January 2, 1895.

Sir : - 

            In reply to your letter of the 10th ultimo, you are informed that the following is the Record of Service for the late Commodore Wm. H. Hopkins, U.S. Navy:- 


1839 Nov.30,                          Appointed a Midshipman.

1840 Mar.24,                          To the Potomac. 

1841 Mar.30,                          Warranted. 

1842 Jan. 8,                             To the Vandalia. 

1843 Mar. 4,                           Detached and wait orders. 

1843 Jul.25,                            To the Falmouth.  Sent to the Hospital before the Falmouth sailed. 

1843 Dec.12,                           To the Preble. 

1844 Jul.18,                            Detached and leave. 

1844 Aug.29,                          To the Naval School, Philadelphia. 

1845 Jul.15,                            Warranted a Passed Midshipman. 

1845 Sep. 5,                            To the Columbia.

1845 Oct.23,                           Detached and wait orders. 

1846 Jan. 8,                             To the Potomac. 

1847 Jul.24,                            Detached and leave. 

1847 Sep.25,                           To the Cumberland. 

1848 Jul.20,                            Detached and leave. 

1850 Jul.18,                            To the Receiving Ship at Philadelphia. 

1850 Nov.25,                          Detached and to the Coast Survey. 

1851 Nov. 3                            Detached from the Hetzel and to the Portsmouth. 

1851 Nov.11,                          Order revoked. 

1852 May 11,                          To the Nautilus as Acting Master.

1852 Jul.15,                            Transferred to the Walker.

1852 Oct.27,                           Detached and wait orders. 

1852 Dec.13,                           Appointed to Acting Master of the Marion. 

1853 Dec. 3,                            Warranted a Master from December 2. 

1854 Jul.10,                            Promoted to Lieutenant. 

1854 Aug. 7,                           Commissioned.

1855 Aug.13,                          Detached and leave. 

1855 Sep.28,                           To the Receiving Ship at Philadelphia.

1857 Mar.11,                          Detached to the Supply.

1857 Aug.17,                          Detached and wait orders. 

1857 Oct. 6,                            To the Navy Yard, Philadelphia. 

1858 Apr.17,                           Detached and to the Macedonian.

1860 Jul.14,                            Detached and leave. 

1860 Sep. 1,                            To the Receiving Ship at Philadelphia. 

1861 May 31,                          Detached and to the Potomac. 

1861 Jun. 5,                            Detached and to the Preble. 

1862 Apr.21,                           Detached from the S. Carolina and wait orders. 

1862 May 20,                          To the Naval Rendezvous, Philadelphia.

1862 Aug. 5,                           Promoted to Lieutenant-Commander. 

1862 Oct.29,                           Detached and wait orders. 

1862 Dec.18,                           To the Saginaw. 

1863 Apr.18,                           Commissioned.

1863 Nov. 4,                           Promoted to Commander.

1864 May 4,                            Appointment as Commander revoked. 

1864 Jul, 8,                             Commissioned Commander from Nov L4, 1863. 

1865 Mar. 9,                           Detached (sick)

1865 Nov.15,                          Appear before Retiring Board. 

1866 Apr. 3,                            To command the Shamrock. 

1868 Jul. 7,                             Detached and wait orders. 

1869 May 19,                          To the Navy Yard, Philadelphia. 

1869 May 24,                          Detached and to the Navy Yard, New York.

1869 Jun. 1,                            Detached and wait orders. 

1870 Jun.22,                           To examination. 

1870 Jun.27,                           Proceed home and wait orders. 

1870 Jul. 1,                             Promoted to Captain. 

1870 Jul.18,                            Commissioned.

1870 Sep.21,                           To the Mare Island Yard. 

1873 Oct.28,                           Detached and to command the Benicia. 

1875 Nov.11,                          Detached, return and report. 

1877 Apr.23,                           To command the Independence. 

1877 Sep.14,                           Detached and to examination. 

1877 Dec. 1                             Promoted to Commodore. 

1878 Jun.15,                           Commissioned.

1880 Dec.20,                           To command the Naval Station, New London. 

1882 Dec.27,                           Detached and wait orders. 

1883 Jan.10,                            Placed on the Retired List. 

1894 Oct.24,                           Died at San Francisco. 

                                                Very respectfully, 

FM Ramsey

Chief of Bureau.


Washington, D.C.

O.W.N. (S.N.) No 14,802.


Pension Records for William E. Hopkins, RG15, National Archives and Records Administration, Washington, D.C.