John A. Hunter to General Rosecrans
December 12, 1861

In this letter to General William S. Rosecrans, John A. Hunter recommends his friend for a position on the general's staff and thanks Rosecrans for past kindness toward him.

Lancaster O.

Dec 12, 1861

General Rosecrans

            My dear Sir —

            I take great pleasure in introducing you to my friend Calvin Goddard. From the inclosed letter from Mr. Goddard to me you will see he is very desirous of obtaining a position as Aid upon your Staff

            I know of no young man, who is more befitted for the position. He is every way qualified — He is strictly correct in his habits, and a thorough business man. 

            I trust you will consider his application with favor, and if it be possible give him a place. I know he will give you entire satisfaction

            Allow me my dear general to return to you my sincere thanks for your kindness to me, and to express great regret that unforeseen casualties at the time I solicited a place with you has intervened preventing an acceptance. I shall ever remember, with pride, your favor towards me, and hope that at some future day, when this great rebellion is put down by the aid of your strong arm, with other good and brave men, to have it in my power to return my thanks in person 

With assurances of great esteem to which my father, and friends heartily unite

            Believe me Your Obt Servt

                                                John A Hunter


John A. Hunter to General Rosecrans, December 12, 1861, William S. Rosecrans Papers, Archives of the University of California, Los Angeles.