Wilson Queen Account of Both Union and Confederate Service
January 17, 1895

As a part of his pension record, Wilson Queen describes his service for both the Union and Confederate armies. 

Jan 17th, 1895

Johnstown Harrison Co W Va

To Mr Lochren Comishione of pentions

Dear sir having received notice to day of my beeing droped from the pension rolls for disloyalty I thaught best to make a statement of facts I was honerable dichard from the survis by the army surgeon for disabilit shartly after I took down with typhoyd fever and on my recovery was sent to my fathers who was a despert sothern man beeing a physician by ocupation I sent for a bill of drugs to resum practis I went after my drugs at a place called Romines Mill whal their a man by the name of James Morris a provo marshel came a long with two prisners that had ben scouting from the confederat army I kew nothing of them beeing in the country untill I saw them under arrest and Mr Morris swore that if I did not git out from the damd sesesh and hel doo sumthing he would have me arested at that time I was in a vary bad stat of health and I left my drug and went home to gow to Ohio and whal making my arrangments to gow to Ohio the confederates had made a rade in to our cuntry and all of the union citizens had fled and I was left a lone and as most of the union citizens ware not flendley toward me I knew that they would arrest me and I went sout for protection and as I had no means of suppor[t] I went in to the confederate armey At the time I left I was still loyal to the cause and If it had not been for the devilish citizens I would never went their three forths of the pople that went south would never went thir if the youin citizins that was to courdly to gow in the arm would have behaved them seves a pention agent was to see me and I made a plane statement of the fact I have given heare onley their is some things I make planer now than I did then because I had not time to reflec[t] I have made an honst statement of the facts and you from ureding the statement know wether it is necessar for me to put myself to any more truble

            If their has been any persons unnecessarly meadling with my affares please to let me know it.


Wilson Queen

K 3 W.Va.Inf.


Pension Records for Wilson Queen, RG15, National Archives and Records Administration, Washington, D.C.