Robert H. Shannon to Edwin D. Morgan
March 13, 1863

Unionist Robert Henry Shannon writes to ex-governor of New York, Edwin D. Morgan, asking for help in getting a position within the Union army. 

No 335 Broadway New York

March 13th 1863.

My Dear Sir — 

                        I take the liberty of occupying a few moments of your time in the perusal of this short epistle to you, with the hope that you will do what you can in securing for me some position to which I am entitled for my services in behalf of the Republican Party and the country. In regard to the former I think I may ask you to remember the labors which I have performed in your behalf for your election as Governor of this state, and since that time you are also aware that I have labored in the raising of volunteers for the war, in the 5th, 40th, &102d Regiments of this state and I am able to establish the fact if need be, that I have been instrumental in the sending of over 400 men into the service of our Government. I do not say this to boast of doing any thing more than I ought to do, but for all this labor I have not been rewarded with any position which others have received who have done comparatively nothing. I can refer with satisfaction to a number of your staff officers in proof of what I have stated, and others who were with me during the time spent in the raising of these men. I have been an active and zealous Republican since the organization of the party and have spent time and money for the cause which should be appreciated much more than others, when you consider that many who now hold office were paid all expenses during the several Presidential & other campaigns besides receiving office, while I who labored just as actively have received neither pay nor office. 

            From what my cousin Robert Campbell Lt Gov. under you has stated of you, I have reason to believe that you will see to it, that your good old friends shall be rewarded as far as they can be, by your efforts in their behalf, when they have not already been provided for by the President. Your Colleagues Hon Mr Harris will doubtless do what he can, when he is aware of the fact that I left a sick family in mid winter to go to Albany and secure for him his election when I saw that Mr Evarts could not obtain it. 

            I have made an application for the position of a chargés de affaires because of my acquaintance with the French, German, and Spanish Languages, and my letters &c are all on file in the State Department, but these I suppose an are all filled. I am exceedingly anxious and desirous of serving my country during her present difficulties and believe I can do so honestly and faithfully in some place of trust if the President will honor me with an appointment. 

            I would like you to procure for me the position of Paymaster in the Army, provided I cannot be sent to some place abroad where I can use the languages with which I am conversant, or sent to some one of the Rebel states in a Judicial position in which capacity I think I can be of great service to the Government. 

            Should you do me the favor which I ask I shall feel that I have been remembered and appreciated, and the obligation shall not be forgotten as often as an opportunity is afforded to reciprocate therefor.

            Will you please reply to this, should you feel disposed to forward my wishes as above indicated and by so doing confer a favor on

                                                                                    Your Obt Servant

                                                                                                Robert H. Shannon

            Respectfully reccommended to the consideration of the War Department

                                                                                    E.D. Morgan 


ALS, Letters and their Enclosures Received by the Commission Branch of the Adjutant General's Office, 1863-70; RG94, National Archives and Records Administration, Washington, D.C.