Rosser D. Bohannon to Charles Scott Venable Regarding Albert H. Tuttle
May 18, 1888

R. D. Bohannon writes to Charles Scott Venable recommending Albert H. Tuttle for the position of Biology professor at UVA. 

101, King Avenue

Columbus, Ohio

18th May ‘88

Dear Col. Venable:

                                    The gentleman to whom I referred a short time since, in connection with the Chair of Biology & Ag. in “The University,” is Profr. Albert H. Tuttle of the Ohio State University. I gave him the report of the Visitors & shewed him your letter. He is going to apply. He will write you in a day or two. 

            The University will be fortunate if the Visitors select him. I should hate to see him leave here, but I have not been away from our dear old University long enough yet not to feel that we ought to have the very best there.  Tuttle is a man of extraordinary ability and a teacher of the very first mater. He is regarded on all sides as one of the very best men teaching in Ohio. 

            He is not only most accomplished in his specialty, but in all affairs pertaining to the University he is wise & suggestive. I have been greatly “taken” with him. In address & bearing he is most pleasing; one does not feel that he is a “Yankee” or “Westerner” but a genuine old Virginian. I think you would all like him exceedingly. I have advised him to go down & see you, before the election[.] You will have a chance to inspect him — and talk with him, & see whether his ideas of the aims of the Chair coincide with what the Board want. 

            He is about 40 years old, I judge, — & a man of vigorous health; a short, stout fellow — not big-bellied, but round from crown to toe! And bald-headed! I like to look at his head; it is one of the best formed craniums I ever saw — for a Biologist! He has a head that suggest biology at once! I must get his picture to send you. 

            Biology is his specialty. He is Profr. of Zoology & Comparative Anatomy here. If you will give him money enough to fix up a laboratory, he will make Biology one of the prominent departments of the University, in a few years. He has a large laboratory here & teaches, like Towles, from the “subject.” He is well up on Botany & plants in general & could teach Agriculture from theoretical side, — vegetable physiology &c. He would not undertake to teach the Virginia farmers how to manage a Virginia farm & “break teams” (as Dr. Page advertised to do). If Biology is to be the pronounced side of the Chair, he is the very man to make the work a success. 

            He worked on Biology at Harvard two years. Was instructor there at the same time in Biological studies. Worked under Agassiz (the Elder), & also in Comparative Anatomy. 

            He also worked at the Johns Hopkins under Martin.

            His information is right up to date — & he knows exactly what a Biological Laboratory should be. I shall be glad for the University if he is elected. 

            One reason he would like to go to Va is that he thinks the climate would suit the health of his wife, better than this does. She is not an invalid at all, but this climate does not suit her. It is variable — & malarious. His wife would be a valuable addition to University society. She is a most agreeable & pleasant lady: a graduate of Vassar. 

            He has 3 children; boy about 15; 2 girls, 12 & 13. 

            Would it not be well for him to come down, some time in June & see you? 

                        Yours most truly,

                        R. D. Bohannon


Rosser Daniel Bohannon to Charles Scott Venable, May 18, 1888, Letters Concerning the Appointment of Albert H. Tuttle, accession number 12368, Albert and Shirley Small Special Collections Library, University of Virginia, Charlottesville, Virginia.