Charles Ewing to His Father (2)
November 29, 1862

In November 1862, Charles Ewing wrote to his father about joining his brother-in-law, General William T. Sherman, at the front.

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Camp in the Field in Pigeon Runsford

Nov 29 1862

Dear Father

                        Ellis has reported to you that we left Memphis on the 26th inst in McDowells Brigade of Denniss Division. The Army left Memphis in three columns under Dennis, Lauman and Smith and last night went into camp together at this point. Every thing that an army needs is abundant here—water, forage of every kind, and an abundance of good dry wood. Our [rest?] here will be but short, I suppose, as the object of it was to communicate with Grant who is to the East of us, moving south. This was done last night.

                        The first day out from Memphis [Denniss?] Adjt: General was taken sick and sent back, and I was detailed to take his place. If left to myself I would have declined the honor for I feel that I am not fit for this duty but can do good if in Command of men, but Cump thought it best for me and was anxious for me to accep[t] the place. Cump’s wish and the fact that it relieves me from the command of that [purish?] old foot of a Major with which our Battalion is cursed and are the causes for my accepting this place. When the last cause is removed, and we all pray that it may not be too long, I will go back to my company with a hearty good will & foot it along through Dixie to the music of this fife & drum.

            My company is in excellent condition and can but outmarch the “heroes of Henry, Donelson & Shilo[h]” and I believe, (& Cump does too), out fight them. However that will be determined in a few weeks time when Cump will lead us himself in the first hard tug that comes

            The orderly is here for my letter. This mail goes by Cavalry to Holly Springs

                        My love to all

                                                Your loving Son

                                                            C Ewing


ALS, Thomas Ewing, Sr., Family Papers, Library of Congress, Washington, D.C.