Obituary of James O. Broadhead
August 8, 1898

The Kansas City Star published this obituary for James O. Broadhead in August 1898, describing him as "one of the leaders of the Democratic party of this country."


Death of Colonel Broadhead, Ex-Minister to Switzerland, Reported from St. Louis

St. Louis, Aug. 8—Colonel James O. Broadhead, minister to Switzerland under President Cleveland, is dead. He leaves a wife and three children—Mrs. W. M. Hosten, Miss Mary B. Broadhead and Charles S. Broadhead. Colonel Broadhead, who was born in Virginia, came to this state when 16 years of age. Soon after becoming of age he engaged in the practice of law. At the breaking out of the civil war he did much to preserve Missouri to the Union, and in the summer of 1861 he was appointed provost marshal of this department.

In 1875 he became a member of the law firm of Broadhead, Slayback & Haeussler, one of his associates being Colonel Slayback, whose tragic death in 1882 caused such a sensation in this city. Colonel Broadhead was elected to Congress in 1882. At the beginning of President Cleveland’s second term Mr. Broadhead was appointed United States minister to Switzerland. Mr. Broadhead was one of the leaders of the Democratic party of the country for a number of years, and at the national Democratic convention in 1876 he received many votes for President, including the sixteen of Missouri.


The Kansas City Star, August 8, 1898