Isaac P. Caldwell Asks Permission to Travel to Illinois
October 13, 1863

In this letter from October 1863, Isaac P. Caldwell asked local officials for permission to travel from Missouri to Illinois to "get a load of Potatoes Cabbage ++."

Monticello, Mo

October 13th, 63

Col. W. P. Harrison

Dear Sir, My Bond was filled and sent to you by C. R. Magee and at the same time requested a permit for me to go to Ill. as yet I have heard nothing from you, you probably have forgotten the reason assigned by me for wishing to go to Ill. permit me to State them again. I left all my clothing and board bill unpaid in addition to that I find the Country Entirely destitute of Vegetables and My family in a destitute Condition. I thought I would take a Waggon and try to get a load of Potatoes Cabbage ++ I do not desire to go beyond the limits of adams County. I hope you will Considder Me acting in good faith, My intention is to lie(?) as near-up to my obligation as I can, but if you think that granting my request would be prejudicial to your Self I do not wish you to grant it. please let me know as soon as convenient.

Your Friend

I. P. Caldwell


Isaac P. Caldwell to W. P. Harrison, October 13, 1863, Union Citizen's File, accessed through