Henry J. Churchman to Edwin M. Stanton, November 1, 1865
November 1, 1865

In this letter, Henry J. Churchman asked Secretary of War Edwin M. Stanton to make him a brevet lieutenant colonel "as a reward of faithful service." The War Department granted his request later that month.

Cedar Rapids, Iowa

November 1st, 1865

Hon. Edwin M. Stanton

Secretary of War +c:

I have the honor to represent that in 1860, when it was evident that a civil war was impending, I left my native state Virginia and came to the North and located in Quincy, Illinois. In Sept 1862 I got permission to appear before the U.S. Board for Examination of applicants for the position of Surg[eon] U.S. Vols. I recd my appointment + Commission—ranking me as Surg US Vols from Oct 4th 1862—from the President Confirmed by the Senate—with your name appended. How faithfully I discharged the various duties assigned me I will let the accompanying papers speak. When I was leaving the service July 22, 1865, I contemplated entering the Regular Service but my broken down health—broken down by reason of the service, caused me to change my purpose. My health from the time I reached Goldsboro, NC, when I was taken ill with typho-[illegible] fever—followed by Dysentery and Calculus, and nervous [illegible]—prevented my applying for the Brevet Lt Colonelcy, to wh. I was surely entitled. I would like still to have that honor conferred upon me as a reward of faithful service. That I did not apply for it before I left the Service was due to my protracted illness of wh the Govt (Surgeon General +c) was fully apprized.

I [illegible] the appointment could be dated back—prior to my muster out.
It is rather hard that I should not have the honor—because of my not having applied sooner—when the cause of my not doing so was referable(?) not to myself but to God(?). Be pleased whether the honor be granted or not to return you the accompanying papers.

Henry J. C. Churchman

Late Surgeon U.S. Vols

Cedar Rapids,



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