William A. Curry Helps Found an Emancipation League
July 11, 1863

In July 1863, William A. Curry helped organize a Union and Emancipation League in Jefferson City, Missouri.

Union and Emancipation Meeting

Jefferson City, July 6, 1863

The meeting was called to order by the President, Dr. Wm A. Curry, who stated the object of the assemblage was to consider the report of the committee appointed at a former meeting to draft a platform, and that the report was now in order.

Mr. Nitchey submitted the report as follows:

Cole County Union Emancipation League Constitution

We, the subscribers, have organized the Cole County Union Emancipation League, for the purpose of attaining, in common with other similar associations, the ends, and upon the limits, hereinafter expressed, to wit

First, The restoration of the undisputed possession of the Federal Union of every foot of its territory.

Second, The extinction of slavery throughout the United States as a means of securing a permanent peace.

Third, As regards the home policy of the State of Missouri, we demand

1st. Immediate Emancipation

2nd. Election of the State officers by the people at the earliest period consistent with law.

3rd. The enactment of laws necessary for the prosperity of a free State.

Organization. The officers of the League shall be a President, a Vice President, a Recording and Corresponding Secretary.

Every white man over the age of eighteen years, subscribing to this roll, shall be a member.

The League shall meet regularly on the first Saturday of every month, and whenever called by the officers.

He accompanied the same with elaborate explanations, illustrating the necessity of a complete organization, and stated the system of organization throughout the country by copperheads, with which he was perfectly familiar, should be a warning for us to make preparations to counteract their influence. He said the difference between loyal men and copperheads, consisted in this: that the former wished to conquer a peace by exterminating treason, while the latter desire to beg a peace by granting a dissolution of the Union.

The time of meeting was fixed for the first Saturday of each month instead of Monday, and the platform was unanimously adopted.

A motion was made proposing to have the platform enrolled and the same be left at the office of Dr. A. Peabody, for receiving signatures. Carried.

On motion of Gov. Stewart the officers pro tem, were requested to hold over until the next regular meeting.

Mr. E. L. King moved the appointment of an executive committee to assist in the organization of similar Leagues in each township in the county. Said committee to be appointed by the President. Agreed to. Mr. King then proceeded to comment on the principles involved in the platform and urged energy and perseverance in the prosecution of the objects at which it aimed.

The meeting then adjourned.

Wm. A. Curry, Prest.

Alfred Gennel, Sec'y


Missouri State TimesĀ (Jefferson City, Missouri), July 11, 1863