Walter S. Ditto Chosen to Escort James Buchanan to D.C.
February 25, 1857

In 1857, students at Franklin and Marshall College chose Walter S. Ditto to escort James Buchanan to Washington, D.C., for his presidential inauguration. 

The Students’ Escort: Mr. Buchanan, as our readers are aware, is the President of the Board of Trustees of Franklin and Marshall College, and it was very proper that the Students of that institution, should furnish an escort to accompany him to Washington, on the occasion of his inauguration, as President of the United States. Accordingly, a meeting of Students was held in the College Chapel this morning, to consider the propriety of appointing a Committee of Escort for the purpose above indicated.

Mr. J. W. Hetrick was called to the chair, and A. B. Dundore, appointed Secretary.

On motion the President was authorized to appoint a committee of ten including himself.

The following gentlemen were selected, after which the meeting adjourned: J. W. Hetrick, D. C. Rench, W. A. Duncan, Wm. Leman, Jas b. Tredwell, Geo. W. Silvis, W. S. Ditto, A. B. Dundore, Geo. W. Williard, and Wm. Stenger.


The Daily Evening Express (Lancaster, Pennsylvania), February 25, 1857