Samuel F. Few as Civil War Surgeon
March 14, 1863

This article describes the hospital managed by Samuel F. Few during the Civil War.

Military Hospital

While at Leavenworth the other day, we visited the Hospital under the charge of A. A. Surgeon Samuel F. Few, assisted by A. A. Surgeon J. E. Bennett.

We were received in a courteous and kindly manner by Doctors Few and Bennett, and politely shown through the various wards. We were particularly pleased to notice the air of cheerfulness and comfort which pervaded the entire institution. The rooms were well ventilated, the beds, floors and furniture were clean, and with a single exception, all the patients seemed to be improving. One young man, or boy, apparently about 16, was suffering with a severe attack of pneumonia, and his recovery was doubtful. The whole number under treatment during the month of February was 226. Of these, 29 were admitted during the month, 67 were sent to duty, 37 were discharged from the service, and one has died of consumption. There are now under treatment only about 130, and as we before remarked, all of these are improving except one. We judge that the Hospital is under capable and efficient management.


Wyandotte Commercial Gazette, March 14, 1863