South Carolina Legislators Denounce John Fox Hammond
December 23, 1861

In December 1861, a South Carolina lawmaker introduced this resolution denouncing John Fox Hammond and other South Carolina Unionists as "false-hearted traitors." The General Assembly did not take a vote on the resolution. 

The Roll of Infamy. The following resolutions have been offered in the House of Representatives:

Mr. Simons Lucas, Jr., introduced the following resolutions:

Whereas, it has been deemed appropriate, as an incentive to patriotic devotion in the public service to record evidences of legislative approbation of meritorious conduct on the part of officers of the navy and army, claiming to be citizens of South Carolina; and whereas, in the opinion of this Legislature, it is equally appropriate to stamp the seal of reprobation upon acts of treachery and desertion, and to record the infamy of those officers who, in the hour of need, have abandoned their State and adhered to her enemies; therefore

Resolved, That the General Assembly of South Carolina considers those officers of the Army and Navy who, while claiming to be citizens of this State, have continued in the service of the United States, pending the wicked and causeless war of that power against the State to which their allegiance is due, and the homes and hearth stones, the prosperity, property and lives of their fellow-citizens, as false-hearted traitors—false alike to the instincts of nature and political obligations.
Resolved, That we record as infamous, for the execration of posterity, the names of WILLIAM BRANFORD SHUBRICK, CORNELIUS STRIBLING, Captains in the United States Navy; PERCIVAL DRAYTON, HENRY K. HOFF, JOHN J. MISSROOM, CHARLES STEEDMAN, EDW’D MIDDLETON, HENRY ROLANDO, Commanders in the United States Navy; HENRY C. FLAGG, JOHN F. HAMMOND, C. S. LOVELL, United States Army.


The Charleston Daily Courier, December 23, 1861