Obituary of George L. Febiger
January 26, 1891

The New Haven Morning Courier-Journal published this obituary of George L. Febiger in January 1891, praising him as a "noble spirit, a brave hearted gentleman, and a loyal, generous friend." 

Funeral of Colonel Febiger

The funeral services of Colonel George Lea Febiger, ex-assistant paymaster general of the United States, were conducted Saturday afternoon at his late residence, 89 Trumbull street. The funeral was private, only the relatives and a few immediate friends attending; this, in accordance with the expressed wish of the deceased, who desired no display at the obsequies. Rev. G. Brinley Morgan, rector of Christ church, was the officiating clergyman. The interment was in the Grove street cemetery. Thus was laid to rest the remains of a noble spirit, a brave hearted gentleman and loyal, generous friend, one who since his residence in this city had become endeared to not a few of our leading citizens, to whom his death brought genuine sorrow and with whom his memory and the ties of friendship formed, will long live in memory’s halls.


The Morning Courier-Journal (New Haven, Connecticut), January 26, 1891