Caroline McElroy Raises Money for Soldiers' Families
June 24, 1864

During the Civil War, Caroline McElroy--Charles H. McElroy's wife--joined the local Ladies Relief Society and helped raise money for "the families of Volunteers and the 'worthy poor.'"

Aid For Soldiers’ Families—The following appeal speaks for itself. We doubt not the response of our people will be as it has been on all previous occasions when their liberality has been appealed to on behalf of our brave boys in the field and their needy families, prompt, cheerful and liberal; and when the proposed Festival comes off we bespeak for it a degree of success commensurate with the worthiness of the object to which the proceeds are to be applied:

Mr. Editor: It will be remembered that on last Thanksgiving evening, in connection with a committee of gentlemen appointed by the vote of the citizens from the town, “The Ladies Relief Society” made an appeal to the public in behalf of the families of Volunteers and the “worthy poor.” The appeal was generously answered, and the means obtained at that time, with a sum raised in our Society amounting to about two hundred and twenty-five dollars, we have distributed in the past seven months. The demand is now greater than at any previous time. The two great Armies are moving, they have not—and the Commanding General says they can not—be paid at present. The families of “National Guards” who depended on the daily earnings of the head of the family for support—soldiers who were discharged before they had been in the army two years, on account of disability, consequently have no pensions—wounded soldiers at home, all demand our care, and are well worthy of it. The society has helped these families to help themselves, it has provided seeds of all kinds that they might plant their gardens; has given out sewing and other work when ever it could be secured. The society has acted with the township committee as far as practicable, giving clothing and supplied food. The visiting committee has been Mrs. W. P. Reid, Mrs. Charles H. McElroy, Mrs. Jasper Avery, Mrs. Wm. Little, Mrs. E. Hills, Mrs. G. W. True, Miss Dickinson, Miss Lamb and Miss Latimer.

Within the next ten days the society will hold a “Festival,” due notice of which will be given. Committees will wait on the citizens personally as far as possible.

Our brave men are fighting, falling! Will you not nerve their hands for Atlanta and Richmond by relieving their families.

Mrs. M. B. Clason, Pres[ident]

Mrs. V. T. Hills, Sec[retary]

Delaware, Ohio, June 21, 1864


Delaware Gazette (Delaware, Ohio), June 24, 1864