Philip F. Pinnell Describes His Mother's Illness
December 9, 1864

In this letter, Philip F. Pinnell describes his mother's struggle with typhoid pneumonia and urges his father to return home from the army to see her. 

Buckhannon, December 9th 1864

D[ea]r Father

I write you again in haste to let you no that Mother is Still Sinking and I feere she cannot last but a Short time from all appearences[.] She is very desirous to see you[.]. I have wrote several times to you about her Condition but from you have not yet any letters[.] I would have telegraphed but am tolde here that there is no Communication + we have been Expecting you every day[.] She has Typhoid Pneumonia[.] I have Called in the sergion of the army here to see her[.] I sende this by Wm McNutty to Harpers ferry who has promised to use every exertion to sende it to you[.] do Come as Soon as you get this as we are in great trouble.

your Son
Phillip F Pinnell


Philip F. Pinnell to David S. Pinnell, 9 December 1864, Compiled Service Record for David S. Pinnell, RG 94, National Archives and Records Administration, Washington, D.C., available from