Solomon R. Burford Registers His Plantation with the Freedmen's Bureau
March 20, 1865

In March 1865, Solomon R. Burford registered his Mississippi plantations with the Freedmen's Bureau, ensuring that the government did not consider them "abandoned and confiscable lands."

Agreement of Registry.
No. 1269

Memorandum of an agreement made this Twentieth day of March 1865, between Wm W Orme [illegible] Special Agent of the Treasury Department, duly authorized to carry out the Regulations of the Secretary of the Treasury concerning abandoned and confiscable lands and the employment and general welfare of Freedmen, and S R Burford of the County of Cape Gerardeau in the State of Mo, Witnesseth:

That the said S R Burford agent has this day registered the plantation known as Camp Creek Plantation, situated in the County of DeSoto in the State of Miss—twenty two miles South East of Memphis contg 1690 acres

Which registration is made in the office of the Suprg[?] Special Agent for the District of Memphis and the said S R Burford agent hereby agrees faithfully and fairly to do all things required of him by the Regulations, local rules and military and naval orders hereto appended, the same being made a part of this Agreement.

And the said Wm W Orme Special Agent on the part of the United States, hereby certifies that the said registration has been duly made in his office, and that the said S R Burford agt is entitled to all the benefits and privileges provided in such cases, by the said Regulations, Local Rules and Orders

Wm W Orme [Seal.]
S R Burford [Seal.]
By A R Heron agt

Signed and Sealed in presence of
Jno C. Hollemback, Clerk


Selected Records of the Tennessee Field Office of the Bureau of Refugees, Freedmen, and Abandoned Lands, 1865-1872, available from