Lucy Craig Underwood

Lucy Craig Underwood (maiden name: Henry) was born around 1815 in Georgetown, Kentucky, to Mathis Winston Henry and Juliette Pitts. Her father was a veteran of the War of 1812 and an engineer on the Green-Barren River improvement project. Lucy married Warner Lewis Underwood on August 31, 1831, and they had at least eight children together: Fannie, born around 1833; Juliette, born around 1835; Joanna (Josie), born around 1840; Joseph, born around 1843; Warner, born around 1845; Henry Lewis, born around 1848; Pearl, born around 1851; and Mary, born around 1857. As her daughter Josie observed, Lucy had "always been the most intense Southerner I ever knew and hated Abolitionists...and had little use for anything above 'Mason and Dixies Line." During the Civil War, however, Lucy remained fiercely loyal to the Union. She denounced secessionists for "break[ing] up the country for which their fathers fought, bled and died." In 1862, her husband became the United States Consul to Glasgow, and Lucy accompanied him to Scotland. They returned to Bowling Green, Kentucky, after the war. Lucy suffered from poor health during the final decades of her life, and she died in Bowling Green on December 8, 1893. She was buried in Fairview Cemetery.


Warner and Lucy Underwood Face the Secession Crisis

Name:Underwood, Lucy Craig
Alternative names:
  • Henry, Lucy Craig (maiden name)
  • UVA (Union)
  • Spouse
Branch of service:
Residence at UVA:
UVA Begin Year:
UVA End Year:
Residence at enlistment:
Rank In:
Rank Out:
Highest rank achieved:
Birth date:1815
Birth date certainty:Around
Birth place:Georgetown, KY
Death date:1893-12-08
Death place:Bowling Green, KY
Causes of death:
Person 1Relation TypePerson 2
Underwood, Lucy Craigparent ofUnderwood, Fannie
Underwood, Lucy Craigparent ofUnderwood, Juliette
Underwood, Lucy Craigparent ofUnderwood, Joanna
Underwood, Lucy Craigparent ofUnderwood, Joseph
Underwood, Lucy Craigparent ofUnderwood, Warner
Underwood, Lucy Craigparent ofUnderwood, Henry Lewis
Underwood, Lucy Craigparent ofUnderwood, Pearl
Underwood, Lucy Craigparent ofUnderwood, Mary
Underwood, Lucy Craigwife ofUnderwood, Warner Lewis
Underwood, Lucy Craig

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