Louis L. Conrad Mourns Lincoln's Death
April 21, 1865

In April 1865, Louis L. Conrad attended a meeting in Manchester, Pennsylvania, to mourn the death of President Abraham Lincoln. Conrad presented a series of resolutions and delivered an address filled with "patriotic ferver."

Mass Meeting in Manchester

A large meeting of the citizens of Manchester was held on Monday evening, to express their feelings in regard to the assassination of the President. Burgess W. S. Spratt presided, assisted by a large number of Vice Presidents. The meeting was opened with prayer by Rev. A. D. Clark, after which Rev. L. L. Conrad, D.D., on behalf of a committee on resolutions, submitted a report expressive of the deep sorrow of the community over the great loss which the nation had sustained, recognizing the hand of God in the sad bereavement, and extending a generous support to the new President, with the prayer that God in his providence may protect, guide and bless him in the administration of the affairs of the nation.

After the reading of the resolutions the meeting was addressed by Revs. W. Smith, A.D. Clark and L. L. Conrad, in speeches full of patriotic ferver, and Christian sentiment. They were responded to with great applause. An ode, composed by Samuel Mills, of Allegheny, on the death of President Lincoln, was sung by a choir of ladies and gentlemen, under the leadership of Prof. Carter, with fine effect. The audience dispersed after prayer by Rev. W. Smith.


The Pittsburgh Gazette, 21 April 1865