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101 Sollers Point Road, Turner Station , Maryland

Establishment Type(s)


Physical Status



The Balnew Pharmacy was housed in a 1920s commercial structure on constructed by Dr. Joseph Thomas the southeast side of  Sollers Point Road at the Main Street/Balnew Road intersection. The building had three separate shops, and the pharmacy was in the southernmost store with a flat-roof one-story addition on the south wall.  

Detailed History

Dr. Joseph Henry Thomas was the building owner, town doctor and pharmacist. A 1947 photo that appears in Jerome Watson's book, "Turner Station, Images of America," shows that the pharmacy offered "sick room supplies, pharmaceuticals, biologicals, prescriptions, and had an ice cream counter with Meadowgold Icecream." Dr. Thomas was a large property owner in Turner Station. The twentith century town was planned for people worked at Bethlehem Steel Company or as laborers in maritime related companies  The Balnew Pharmacy is an example of one of the smaller businesses that advertised in The Green Book, which effectively provided free advertising with each printing.  

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