Known Name(s)

Burns (Secondary)
Burn's (Primary)


120 Willilams St. Buffalo, NY (1947)
149 Babcock Buffalo, NY (1948, 1949, 1950)

Establishment Type(s)

Service Station

Physical Status



Prior to 1929 when William St. was renumbered, this site was 20 William St. In 1925, the building there, a two-and-a-half-story commercial structure, included both 20 and 22 William St. The two addresses had separate entrances, but the Sanborn map shows no wall separating the stores. The building had an addition off the back towards the east side of the building. The building was located on the northeastern corner of William St. and Michigan Ave., facing William St.

The Sanborn Map from 1940 indicated 149 Babcock St. included a two-story commercial building with a small addition to the southwest side. In the back there was a one-and-a-half-story dwelling attached. To the west side of the lot the map indicated there was a second smaller one-story building for automobiles, likely a garage or something similar. The building was located on the southeast corner of Babcock St. and Perry St. facing Babcock St.

Detailed History

120 William St. is later listed in the Green Book as Veterans Taxicab service, referred to as Veterans Service Station and Veterans Cab or Car Service from 1953-1960. A gas station at the address was owned by a Nelson Giambrone in 1941. The address was the Niagara-Penn Service Station in 1931. To date, there is no known mention of this address as Burns gas station or service station.

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