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40 Cypress St. Rochester, NY

Establishment Type(s)


Physical Status



Derham’s Garage at 40 Cypress Street was located at a residential dwelling that was built in 1900. It is a wooden frame dwelling in the Colonial Revival Style. Renovations to the dwelling’s original structure were completed in 1988, including an additional porch and an open deck. There is no evidence of a garage, fill station, service station, or other structures associated with automotive shops or garages.  

Detailed History

The house where Derham's Garage operated was owned by G. Walter Derham and his wife Emma Durham. G. Walter Derham was involved with the Mount Oliviet Baptist Church and with the YMCA in the 1930s. G. Walter Derham operated his automotive service station and offered state authorized services as early as the late 1920s from his home at 40 Cypress Street.

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