Eureka Night Club

Known Name(s)

Eureka Night Club


118 Spring St. Morristown, NJ

Establishment Type(s)

Night Club

Physical Status


Detailed History

According to "Setting Up Our Own City: The Black Community in Morristown" published through the Joint Free Public Library of Morristown and Morris Township in 1992, the building at 118 Spring Street was purchased by a group of Black businessmen in 1922. Known as Eureka Hall, it hosted Tyrian Lodge # 34, a segregated Black chapter of the Masons, from the 1920s until 1966 when the building was demolished as part of a large "urban renewal" project in Morristown. The group known as the Tyrian Lodge is still extant in Morristown. As an aside, Richard White who owned a taxi business in nearby Madison, NJ (Green Book site listing NJ 277) was a member of the Morristown Tyrian Lodge as reported in his obituary.

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