G. & G. Bar-B-Q

Known Name(s)

G. & G. Bar-B-Q (Primary)
G. & G. Bar-B-Q (Secondary)
G. & G. Bar-B-Q ()


318 Rondo Avenue St. Paul, MN (Primary) (1940, 1941)
391 St. Albans St. North St. Paul, MN (Secondary) (1947)
291 St. Albans St. North St. Paul, MN (Tertiary) (1948, 1949, 1950, 1951, 1952, 1953, 1954, 1955, 1956)

Establishment Type(s)


Physical Status


Detailed History

For the primary address of 318 Rondo Ave, it is shown on the 1951 Sanborn Map but was demolished by 1957. Research could not locate this business name in city directories. Leonia Goodman was listed at 318-320 Rondo Avenue in 1941 directory. Leonia worked in beverages and had a separate residence at 291 St. Albans Street.

For the secondary address of 391 St. Albans St, the 1950 Sanborn map identifies this address as a dwelling. Research did not confirm if this address was connected with the listed business. This may be a typo because Leonia Goodman resided at 291 St. Albans St in the 1948 city directory and may have worked at the same address.

The tertiary address is 291 St. Albans St. The 1950 Sanborn map identifies this location as a dwelling. The 1948 city directory lists Lucy C. Jackson and Edward Goodman at this address. Edward's wife was listed as Leona and Edward was a porter for Pullman Co. Another Leona is listed at a different address as a helper at Walgreen's. Perhaps, G. & G. Bar-B-Q  was a small restaurant operation out of their home.

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