Gorden's Dining Room was in the basement of the building.

The restaurant entrance was on the north side in the basement of the building.

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Known Name(s)



1533 Druid Hill Avenue Baltimore, Maryland

Physical Status



A 3-story, 3-bay building at the outheast corner of Druid Hill Avenue and McMechen Street.  The west brick fa├žade appears to be new, and the windows in the north elevation have been bricked over and then painted.  There is one entrance to the building on the north side that is also marked "1533" and this may have been entrance to the restaurant.  

Detailed History

The 1940 Baltimore C&P Telephone Directory lists Gorden's as "Gordon's Dining Room" at 1533 Druid Hill Avenue. James Gordon was the proprietor.  The restaurant only appears in one Afro-American Newspaper story about the sugar shortage during World War II.  

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