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Stone St. Watertown, NY

Establishment Type(s)


Physical Status



Stone St. runs from the heart of downtown Watertown at Washington Street west to Exchange Street and the railroad tracks. The last property on the street at the Exchange St. corner in 1958 included two residences, one a duplex and the other a single-family, and a building between them labeled on the Sanborn map "Outboard Motor Sales and Service." The building was a one-story frame structure addressed 540R.

Detailed History

Aside from the use included on the Sanborn map, there is no additionally documentation connecting the property to a garage known as Guilfoyle's. In Watertown, the name Guilfoyle is associated with an ambulance service, which was started by funeral director Dennis E. Guilfoyle. Mr. Guilfoyle's widow sold the funeral and ambulance business to Nello L. Poli, who operated it until 1955. 

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