The Howard Home

Known Name(s)

The Howard Home


413 Broad St. Utica, NY

Establishment Type(s)

Tourist Home

Physical Status



A two-and-a-half story brick building with a one-and-a-half story extension to the southeast. The 1925 Sanborn map labeled it a "rooming" house. It was on the property adjoining the Broad Street Inn at 415 Broad Street in a neighborhood near the train tracks with a number of wholesale establishments, mills, and bottling and packing companies nearby.

Detailed History

Described as a 3-family brick building in a newspaper report, the property was purchased by Joseph Killian in 1921 for a reported $6,500 at public auction after the previous owner Samuel Dana relocated to California. The buildings was equipped with running water, gas, and electricity. The name of the establishment likely came from Charles Henry Howard who lived at the address in 1936. The building came to serve as a staging area for visitors as noted by a newspaper article describing a Madam A. Culpepper from Detroit who was holding a local fashion show to support, "colored organizations of the city."

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